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Fetish. Short for voraphilia which means to derive sexual arousal from performing, viewing, or receiving the mastication of and by an animate being/person; cannibalism. It is exclusively - with the exception of some underground communities - seen only in art and story form, where more difficult and impossible situations can be portrayed and shared safely within the Vore fetish community

Soft core Vore - involves swallowing a being whole, or just placing said being in the mouth. Involves no blood shed. The victim is often portrayed as a willing participant, though not always.
Hard core Vore - blood, bones, body parts, chewing, cooking, resistance
Size Vore - Where victim, viewer or eater are abnormally tiny or gigantic

Other forms of vore include...

Penis Vore - an entire being is placed or seen within the shaft, foreskin, or urethral opening of the penis.
Vaginal Vore - an entire being is placed or seen within the vulva or the vagina.
Anal Vore - an entire being is placed or seen within the rectum or bowels.
Pregnancy Vore - an entire being seen inside the belly of another being with distension as to appear that the latter is pregnant with the former by way of Soft core Vore, Anal Vore, Vaginal Vore or Penis Vore.

Appropriate reference is made to the Furry (humanized animal) fetish since the act of eating other animals is one part of the Furry allure. Most vore fetishists are into Furry; however, not all Furries are into vore.
"Did you think it was hot when the Audrey II tried to eat Audrey I and had her in it's mouth?"
"....um no. Gross."
"Really?... I always did"
"You're into Vore? WEIRD!"

Customer: "can you put the camera very close to your mouth?"
Cam model: "like this?"
customer: "now tell me you will eat me"
by decade ahead June 24, 2011
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