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The Part of the South Bay that starts at Los Gatos, stretching thought Saratoga, Campbell, Willow Glen, Fruitdale, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Mountain View. It borders like in a boomerang shape with the western and northern part being the edge of Santa Clara County, with the eastern border being the Guadalupe river. This area features old-constructed buildings, industrial park, and affluent companies, stores and homes along with a look that is classically styled for the 50s and 60s.
I like the construction and style of things in places like Campbell, and the surrounding area; I really like the amount of old style buildings in Saratogia.
by debit.servus March 24, 2013
The 15th day of the month of May where you can smash all your broken stuff that has become worthless throughout the year. Or to smash things for fun because you like to break stuff. May 15th was chosen because a YouTube user posted a video saying May 15th was 'Smash Your iPod Day'. Since iPods aren't the only electronics to smash, or the only type of stuff to smash; That is why May 15th is declared Smashing Day. Not to mention the proximity to other holidays on the calendar is far enough away that May 15th is a great date.
Guy #1: Why do you have all these broken electronics stored in your garage.

Guy #2: I am saving them to smash up on Smashing Day, which is on May 15th. Want to smash things with me?

Guy #1: That sound great, I would love to celebrate Smashing Day with you! Lets plan for it.
by debit.servus April 04, 2013

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