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the beleif of cheating isnt always physical yes if you kiss,touch in any inappropriate way thats cheating but theres also emontionally cheating or cyber cheating if your going online talking to other ppl showing the pics of your body of giving them the impression that your capiable of a hook up in anyway when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating cheating could also be defined emotionally as when your significant other spends more time with someone of the oppisite sex instead of with you
xxxlillover:can i see a picture of whats underneath that?
manimcrazy:sure why not?
-cyber cheating-shouldnt do that

jake tells sandra hes going to call her back and instead he goes out all night and doesnt call her until the next day and ignored her when she called common signs of a cheater
-emotionally cheating- thats death to a relationship

erica has a boyfriend of 3 months and goes out one night with her ex-boyfriend she gives him a blowjob and then says i cant do this well guess what thats still cheating
by deathiswhatmynameis February 12, 2009

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