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What you do with a buddy or a group of friends. Involves going from one bar to the next, possibly picking up women or getting into bar fights. Also can be a new experience from bar to bar. Bar Hopping tends to cause participants to become heavily intoxicated, though not always.
"Hey man, let's go bar hopping tonight!"
"Sorry dude, I still have a black eye from the bar fight last night."
"Well how about we pick up some girls?"
"Sure, let's go."
by deaddreadpunk April 02, 2010
To be buried and deader than Elvis. Hence, the body is "pushin' daisies" because the body is now plant food.
Redneck: "Man, if we dun't get us shum dinnah soon, we gon' be Pushin' Daisies."
by deaddreadpunk April 26, 2010

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