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The act of ending an unwanted pregnancy.
If abortion is killing a human being, then male masturbation is a genocide, isn't it?
by Debaser November 04, 2004
1. Prominent character on program 'Everybody Loves Hypnotoad'

"I love hypnotoad."
by debaser May 09, 2004
Derivative of Gypsy. Normaly used to denote someone who is scruffy and unkept.
by debaser October 30, 2003
Son or child. Used by travelers. Can be abv. to Chav
alright my chavey!!
by debaser October 30, 2003
A derogatory word that the Gypsies all all non traveling folk. Comes from a Romany word but mispelt over the years
by debaser October 30, 2003
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