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n. a morsel of cannabis suitable for gifting, borrowing, or stealing; a small amount of cannabis one might "loan" a friend if they're dry; enough ganj to "get you by"; connotation is positive and in the spirit of camaraderie or kinship. v. the act of receiving, giving, or obtaining the grop (as in "Yeah I'll grop you, Bro.")v. -ped the act of receiving, giving, or obtaining the grop, (can also denote past tense as in "I've been gropped.")
n. "Can I get a grop?", "Do you want a grop to go?"
v. "I'll grop you back", "Can you grop me?"
v. -ped, "I've been gropped", "I gropped him hard."

There are no true words to describe the sacred bonds forged while giving or receiving a grop.

A grop is a small quantity of cannabis which is just loaned to a friend when they are dry with the innate knowledge that one day you will be their friend in need and they will have a grop for you. If there is money involved or anything more than them hanging out for a bit and picking you up an energy drink on the way to your house, it is not a grop, it is business. Grops are pleasurable and should be widely implemented.
by dddkslkjslkdj December 21, 2008

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