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It is the act of rolling a coin and admiring the way it gambols
Jack: "Oh shit ive just dropped a hand full of coins!"

Bas: "Its alright mate, money rolls"
#gamboles #money rolls #wonga rolls #wonga #perfect roll #money roll
by dcv October 27, 2007
A practice similar to Muff Diving, where someone pleasure a woman orally.
1)Jagdeep: "What that man doing up there with that harness? He must be bungee jumping or something."

Sam: "Nah mate, can't you see that nude woman with him? He's definitely going clungie jumping."

2)"Clungie jumping is far superior to finger banging" - Isaac Newton
#vagina #clungie jumping #sex #women #licking out
by dcv June 30, 2008
During the act of sexual intercourse the man will go ball deep and insert his two testicles up the womans anus. It is said to bring a strange pleasure, especially when the testicles are removed and the famous "clack, clack" sound is heard.
1)"Oh mate was full maggin a girl last night and my bollocks have never been more supple"

2)Ollie: "Hey i shagged that girl last night"
George: "Wow did you full mag her"
Ollie: "Naturally"
#full maggin #full magging #maggin up #magging up #tight balls #anus testicles
by dcv October 27, 2007
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