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You bump into someone you don't like, they clearly want a stop and chat but quick as a flash you say "must go" and start to leave, but they come along too still babbling shit. You're pissed off, you want to hit them, you're in a walk and talk. (Not as cool as it looks on the west wing).
Jim: Saw that tosser Mike today, tried to get me in a stop and chat but i said i had to rush to meet someone.

John: Good thinking.

Jim: yeah but the twat followed me, didn't he. Ended up in a walk and talk.

John: What a cunt.
#walk and talk #stop and chat #walk #talk #stop #chat #pissed off #cunt
by dcgate February 02, 2007
Caused when someone you're with gets in a stop and chat, leaving you stood slightly away on your own, and very very bored. As painful as the stop and chat itself.
Bill: Me n Ben were in town earlier, he had a stop and chat with some gimp he works with and the fucker left me in a stand alone.
Bob: What a cunt.
#stand alone #stop and chat #walk and talk #stand #alone #painful
by dcgate February 02, 2007
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