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descretely farting while passing through a crowd of people
Bob layed down a drag bunt as he passed through the crowd at the Phish concert. When he turned back to admire his work he sadly realized none of the soilies had noticed.
by DBR October 10, 2004
Hippie, Dead Head, anyone associated with patuli, hemp clothing, birkenstocks, Phish, WSP., etc. etc. A person that constantly appears to need a bath.
Wide Spread was in town last week and I saw alot of hot soilies, but they'd have to bathe first before I'd do 'em!
by DBR October 10, 2004
stated by some chink named Joobie, meaning diving board
You can buy on the diving bridge
by dbr May 19, 2004
A person who has supreme confidence in themself and their potential because they are a leo.

The ability to lead ,yet sometimes be arrogant, for the good of themselves and sometimes others because im youre a leo.

Acting like a leo because you are a leo without intentionally acting like a leo.

Being egotiscal and a leo all at once.
Ricky is leotistical
by dBR April 29, 2012

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