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2 definitions by dbos_yyz

A kick-ass prog rock band from Canada, made up of Geddy Lee (bass, lead vocals) Alex Lifeson (guitar), and Neil Peart (drum, percussion, and lyricist). They are one of the best bands in the world, and have become that without ever selling out. They have changed their sound over the last 30+ years, but not to become more mainstream. They put on a killer live show.
1. I went to a Rush concert last night. My ears are still ringing.
2. There is no drummer better than Neil Peart. No one.
by dbos_YYZ November 02, 2007
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The nickname given to the Olympic hockey game between the United States and the Soviet Union played on February 22, 1980. The US was made of of college and amateur players, and the Soviets were a team of veterans that hadn't lost in a long time. Naturally, the Americans were tremendous underdogs, but pulled out the win, 4-3.
1. The "Miracle on Ice" was the greatest hockey game ever played
2. This is the biggest upset in sports history
3. "Do you believe in miracles? YES!!!"
-Al Michaels
by dbos_yyz December 16, 2007
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