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(v.) Phrase used to tell your friend to go pick up a certain girl before his friend or someone else does.
"Bro, you better snatch that snatch before someone else does"

or, "Im gonna snatch that snatch"
by dboifresh July 01, 2011
(v.) Phrase used to tell someone to pick up a girl before his friend or another person tries to.
"Bro, you better snatch that snatch before someone else."

OR, "Im gonna snatch that snatch."
by Dboifresh July 01, 2011
Person who is a real bum. Just sits around the house and does nothing. First person when you go to a party that finds a beer and then the couch. When you go to his house is either sleeping or sitting on the couch. Has a opinion about everything. Someone who is lazy. Can be used in many different forms.
Can be used as "Bro get off the couch, your'e being such a Dave" Or turn your friends name into Dave

*Walk into a party* "Yup there goes Dave" (Actually "Mike" walking to the fridge and you know eventually the couch)
by dboifresh July 03, 2011

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