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The practice by a man, with or without a partner, of maintaining a very high level of sexual arousal, as close as possible to full orgasm, over an extended period, without actually having a full orgasm. By using delicate control of stimulation and much will power to avoid a full orgasm, edging can include getting so close to full orgasm that ejaculate in significant quantity is released but the involuntary contractions do not take place (although up to say 3 contractions can be done deliberately each time to eject the released liquid in squirts, thus mimicking a real, but short, orgasm). This release, or "mimicked" orgasm, gives all the feelings of the start of a real orgasm but lacks the involuntary contractions, and it can be repeated several times until the supply of ejaculate is exhausted, or even beyond that point. After this "running dry", any real, final orgasm will be "dry" but otherwise normal. This amounts to multiple orgasms for men.
The edging session included four small or "mimicked" orgasms, with a combined total of 11 squirts, meaning that the powerful, 12 contraction final orgasm was virtually dry, and all this from one erection
by dbfc August 29, 2010

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