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An acronym, recently adopted by various members of the National Air Traffic Controller's Assosciation as an unofficial motto.

FTFTFWMF stands for: Fuck them, fuck those fucking worthless mother fuckers.
Management issues abound, but FTFTFWMF.
by dbbartender October 02, 2006
In its most literal form, any member of the wrench family featuring a screw-adjustable aperture, allowing one wrench to fit any sized nut or bolt. While not the ideal tool for the job, the mexican speed wrench is the fastest.
Is that bolt there a 15mm or 16mm? Ah, fuck it. Hand me the mexican speed wrench.
by dbbartender October 01, 2006
A professional burger-flipper.
Antwan failed his fifth GED exam, making him highly qualified as an Airborn Beef Specialist
by dbbartender October 01, 2006
Noun: A section of a large city, usually centered around Martin Luther King Dr. or the local nig-college, inhabited largely by moon crickets. White folk must not be outside of their cars while in Brown Town.
Anyone know where the auto parts store is? Oh, it's in Brown Town... Fuck That!
by dbbartender September 30, 2006

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