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a dude that wears extremely expensive slim fit jeans with button up pockets in back, with an obnoxious wash, and the occasional bedazzle in irregular place. bro's typically wear brands such as fox racing, FMF, metal mulisha, DC, fly racing, famous stars and straps, and many others along the same lines. the #1 bro shirt is the tight fitting ones with all the crosses and awkward graphic designs splattered across the t-shirt randomly. a tie for #1 is also the ken block/monster energy shirt. if you see someone with a shirt of that nature, you can assume that they are the bro-est of bro's. bros generally drive lifted ford f-150 pick up trucks, with obnoxiously large tires. bro's often wear long black pin strpid shorts and dickies also.
bro- "hey guys, who wants to go muddin and then get super wasted afterwards?" bro 2- "i do man! you know im down to act like i can do action sports, but actually suck at all of them!"
by dbaggers January 23, 2011

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