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The act of one person taking many pictures of themself/ selfies on anothers camera, without them knowing about it: can vary from amounts of around 5 to as many of 30 photographs of the one person.

Usually an act commited by attention seeking, cake face, self centred tweens who want nothing more than a modelling job.
"Why do you have so many pictures of that chick on your camera?"

"Ahh, she totally camera raped me"
by dazzzzzz July 01, 2012
Something that is even better than the awesomeness that is awesome, which makes it extremey awesome indeed. Awesome.
Tom: :O That's awesome!
Darren: Ye, but I am clearly awesome-er *cheesey grin, thumbs up and round of applause*
by Dazzzzzz June 11, 2008
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