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a very poor uncompeditive excuse for a game where gay or very feminine excuses for men squeeze into tight shorts and gay little singlets .during game play they kick the ball and jump like girls to catch the ball and aim to get the ball between four posts. if the player misses the middle posts but gets the 2 outer posts they get points for missing the main points.this game is so popular it is played in australia and has no international games between countries only a silly cross between gaelic and gayfl football.unlike the much more enjoyable rugby league which has an international fan base countries that play league are as follows ,new zealand ,england,wales,scotland,ireland,tonga ,fiji, france, papua new guenea ,russia has a small comp the us is growing into a good comp.all of these nations might not be able to compete with australia new zealand great britan but they do play the game.gayfl is the worst game in the world equal only with soccer
real men play league girls, sooks, dickheads,gays play afl
son} dad i want to play rugby league all the gay boys at school play australian rules football
dad}thats ok mate i wouldnt subject my worst enemy to that queer afl game
by dazza1 July 02, 2006

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