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2 definitions by daytripper

A gangstarab can be defined as a member of a narcissistic herd of young, "urban" Indian men. They congregate in colleges across the nation, wearing their expensive denim jeans and Timberland boots. Although they try to impose a frightening demeanor, they are cowardly and non-threatening to any form of matter. "Gangstarab" is essentially a sardonic play-on-words of their self-proclaimed gangster images, and a misnomer of their ethnicity (generalizing Indians to be Arabs). They usually smell of curry and fashion grade leather.
Gangstarab Ritual Greeting:
"Yo Samji man, that Diesel shirt is off the Turban-hook!" - Gangstarab #1
"Fo-ramalamadamadooizzle!" - Samji
by Daytripper September 07, 2005
420...april 20th, a day of enjoyment and pure euphoria. This is National Pot Smoking day, but it's not recognized by the government. The term was once used to just be a incognito way to make toke plans. But incognito it is no more...either way, "celebrate we will for life is short but sweet for certain"
time: "it's 4:20, spark it up!"
date: "its 4-20, pack it up, roll it up, spark it up...just blaze!"
by daytripper March 09, 2003