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A now famous line used in the movie
horrible bosses
It is used twice in the movie
in the credits, they put a spin on it, leaving the audience laughing once the movie is over
-I would like to bend her over that barrel and show her the 50 states-
*Where is that from?*
-A movie-
*No it isn't*
-It is now-
#horrible bosses #sex #bend #barrel #fuck #ram
by daxtonisawesome July 27, 2011
When you tell someone a joke, and you go to say
JKJK but type it too fast because you are afraid they are gonna get angry, so it comes out KJKJ
Mike: Hey baby
Sheela: Heyy
Mike: Just letting you know... I cheated on you with your best friend
Mike: KJKJ
Sheela: :@
#just kidding #jk #jkjk #jokeing #just jokeing
by daxtonisawesome April 11, 2011
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