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when sitting down, another guy rubs your leg without you noticing, and you like it.
"What the hell! did I get man rubbed!" "Dude I got man rubbed, but it felt so good"
by daxterrific March 23, 2010
used when giving praise to an object, something someone said, or an idea, but with things referring to pandas, Enjoi, black and white, or something that is cool and peaceful at the same time.
man1: Is that a panda on your shirt? Panda status!

man2: thanks man.

man1: I'm going to listen to Bob Marley for two weeks straight.
man2: wow that's panda status thinking.
man1: that's not what my mom told me.
man2:your mom's not cool, but your dad is panda status.
by daxterrific April 05, 2010

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