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Snarg is one of the widest known celebrities among the gaming forums today. Everytime he posts, people are awestruck by just seeing him post and have to make threads, "SNARGG!!", "SNARG IS THE MAN", or something similar just wanting him to post in their threads as it makes you more of a man if he does. Where did Snarg start you ask? He started out at blizzhackers. He was and still is today the greatest Admin ever, still at EoN. One day he was sent off to the War, and still finds time and pays money to keep his forum manageable. He comes on once in a while, does his duty, and gets back to duty. Pun intended. He is like a god among us, godsended from the heights above. Many people try to fake his name on other forums in ways to achieve a Scam. Snarg doesn't ever scam, he owns. He'll own until the day he dies. Many of us would give out own heart to him if needed. He's like a new cd, when everything else is to scratched to play. If you don't admire Snarg for his achievements in the d2 community, forum community, or just awesomeness, then you have to admire his bravery for defending us while watching over us. Thank you Snarg.
Snarg: "Apparently I am appearing at more and more game forums. For those who do not already know, I am currently in Kuwait with an unknown return date. It costs me $5 an hour to be online so, needles to say, I am almost never on. When I am on, I come directly to this site, mainly to ban popular members of the community. So, if you see me appearing on other forums, it's not me. However, feel free to download whatever it is 'I' posted. It won't hurt your computer, I promise..."
by dawhat November 30, 2006

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