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A braller is a word that comes from merging bra (bro) and baller. A braller is therefore a friend who is really cool.
-Liam "Hey Maeve this is my bro Daniel. He's such a baller!"
-Maeve "Wow sounds like he must be your braller!"
by dawesomedaniel February 14, 2011
1. Sillysaurus is a word very similar to the expression silly goose. It only differs in the sense that the said person is being so silly it's as if they were from the dinosaur era. It is used to describe someone acting very silly. In other words if someone is being funny but ridiculous, they're being a sillysaurus.

2. Sillysaurus can also be used to refer to someone who often behaves in a very silly but funny way.
Maeve: Hey do you know what an archeologist is?
Daniel: Yeah....Someone whose career is in ruins!
Maeve: Hahahahahah oh you're such a sillysaurus
by dawesomedaniel April 05, 2011
Slap or SLAP is an acronym for sounds like a plan. This is a way of expressing one's desire and confirmation to doing something. This acronym is incredibly useful as it can also be expressed simply by slaping someone five!
Maeve: Hey Daniel can you please keep me amused with your bad but hilarious jokes for the rest of my life?
Daniel: SLAP!
by dawesomedaniel April 05, 2011

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