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2 definitions by davincifox

Someone who updates their facebook status every 5 minutes whether or not they have something important to say. An omnipostant person is known to post song lyrics, irrelevant activities, how drunk they are and how much fun it is where they are and who they are with. first coined by the staff at davincifox.com
Guy1: Dude, i don't understand why you would set your status update to "I am not in a good mood and i don't want to talk to anyone", i mean seriously you just talked to 200 people!...Seriously This kid Gary is out of control with this shit

Guy2: Yeah Gary is all about that, he's a real omnipostant son of a bitch
by davincifox January 04, 2010
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An extremely awesome act executed in order to rectify a previous wrong done by the guilty party to his fellow bros.

Coined by the staff of DavinciFox.com
John: Hey Mike its pretty cool that Pat let us watch the game at his place and bought a pizza for us.

Mike: Yeah he is just trying to Re-Bro with us because he ditched us last week to go see the Sex in the City movie with Carla.

John: You know this pizza is starting to taste like guilt.

Mike: Nah bro keep eating i'm gonna go piss on his bathroom floor
by Davincifox January 23, 2010
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