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It can have many different meanings.
Usually replaces the word "fuck" in a language called flernglish, so that you can freely "curse" without actually "cursing", because nobody knows wtf you are saying.

If said in the sense of something being "flarky" then it means cool or awesome.
Person A: Dude, I totally flarked that girl in the ars!
Person B: Dude, Thats the same girl that I flarked in the ars! That is so flarky!
by Daviel May 05, 2008
1. A unique hispanic male name that is not very known, but is becoming more and more popular.
Pronounced: (Da-vee-el)

2. A mix between Daniel and David.

3. The creator of Flernglish (Goes by the name Dervil)
Random Person: Whats your name?

Me: Daviel

Random Person: Wow, what a cool name!

Me: Thanks! lol.
by Daviel May 12, 2008
Almost the same as English.

A language that mostly adds the letters "R" and "L" to many different English words and names, and alters them in some form.

Ususally used to replace curse words such as fuck, bitch, etc.

Can sometimes create completely different words altogether, which usually don't have any meaning.
Persona A: Flark you, flarkin blirtch! Im gonna flark you in the ars!!!

Person B: Dude, chill with the flernglish...
by Daviel May 05, 2008
Staying up all night doing meaningless tasks that you would'nt normally do during the day.

Or if said in a sense of "kyling", then you probably missed the show Kyle XY, and are forced to stay up late to watch the repeat, in which then you would stay up after it is already over, and still do meaningless tasks anyways, regardless if it is a school night or not.
Also See: kyling
Person A: Dude, I pulled an allnighter last night, cuz I missed Kyle XY, and I saw it at midnight, so I could'nt sleep after that.

Person B: Me too, we were actually on the phone last night, talking about Jlirmmy...
by Daviel May 05, 2008
Verb. To kyle.
The act of staying up really late at night doing meaningless tasks that you would'nt normally do during the day.
Or if said in a sense of "pulling a kyle", then it means the same thing as pulling an allnighter.
Person A: Wow, I pulled a huge kyle last night.
Person B: Dude, you gotta stop kyling, its killing you!
by Daviel May 01, 2008
To fill an ass with cum to the point that it is overflowing...at which point you take your finger and even out the amount that will no longer fit. Hence spackling the ass.
Dude, that chick has a huge ass, I think she needs some ass spackle.
by Daviel April 29, 2008
A Flernglish term.
Usually means cool or awesome.
Person A: Jlirmmy is a flarky man!
Person B: You bet he is!
by Daviel May 06, 2008
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