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Anal sex.
Here's the most popular game to play with your roomate, if you're going to UCSB

HEAD :1/2 point (Italian Cup, or U.E.F.A up, not very important thou)

SEX: 1 point (scudetto, to win 'Serie A')

ANAL: 2 Points (champion's league)
If you got it on with kelly you'll get one point. The next week, if you buttfuck her, you'll get an extra point, therefore goin to 2.
If you got the champion's league on the first timethere's no point to see that girl again since, point with the same girl don't count.

Hence, if you fuck multiple times your girlfriend you stay at 1 and you'd better go watch soccer on espn instead! you idiot.
by davidthepenisslapper November 20, 2004
girl that seem to have an addiction to raw cock.OTHERWISE why would you study in UCSB, if you know that guys there likes to surf AND get laid? cos they like penis! they like that. yeah they like that! yeah! yeah! yeah...
What's you name babe?
Where are you from?
Nor cal, but i go to college in SB.
Nothing, nothing...
by davidthepenisslapper November 20, 2004

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