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The best bandThe best bandThe best band
The best bandTbest bandThe best band
by davidpenis slapper December 12, 2004
sergio. biggest asshole in the whole world. he must die, he's a piece of shit. Cofferati is the new comunist major of Italy's city. He's trying to become the new prime minister and he likes to suck big fat cocks.
cofferati is a dickface.
Dude, i'd rather have Hitler instead of sergio - balls licker- cofferati, as a major
by davidpenis slapper November 24, 2004
u c suntanning blondes
u can study boozed
u can study boobs
u c sleazy bitchez
u c something blonde
i went to Uscb...oh shit i meant ucsb
by davidpenis slapper November 24, 2004

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