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A footpath running between houses connecting two roads (orig. East Yorkshire). Also known as a 'cut'.
"Quickest way to the chippy is down that tenfoot"
by davidovsky September 10, 2009
(v) taffle - to knot up, like hair, string or wool, so that it is difficult to unwind.

(adj) taffled (up) - knotted in an irksome manner

(v) - untaffle - to unravel, usually with difficulty
"Now look, you've got all my wool taffled up".
by davidovsky September 10, 2009
Words that can be sung to any song (esp. opera) when you don't know the correct words. (from cod Italian)
Remember that Mario Lanza song... "Girls were made to love and keeeeessss.... Scraggy-meegy-forgy-toryyyyy"
by davidovsky August 06, 2010
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