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Dyke also known as "Robo Lesbians" is a term often used in the Midlands area of England, a play on the original meaning of Dyke meaning "Lesbian" in that Dykes are often girls that act as heterosexuals but seem to pride themselves on wearing all of the same style or brand of clothes and using all of the same dyke-like lingo. Dyke groups normally form when a group of girls have recently all broken up with their boyfriends, who they all collectively hate for totally inane and irrellevant reasons.

Dykes often appear to be flatchested (rarely having a cup size larger then C), they stick together in groups, often to comment on what people are wearing (or what they should be wearing). They often dress in the same clothes and believe men are the inferior gender, unless they are really handsome/buff (or easy). They listen to the worst of chart Music (Lady Gaga, La Roux, Florence and the Machine) and they are one of few reasons why the hideous industry of Music is making any money at all.

Slaves to pop-culture, they have to indivudality whatsoever, and will change their personalities to fit the stereotypes of pop-culture at the time.

To emphasise completely normal points they use words like "actually" and "can you (actually) not?".
"Dyke 1: I'm really thirsty"
"Dyke 2: Yeah, me too, so thirsty"
"Dyke 3: I'd really love a drink too"
"Dyke 4: Wanna go get a drink?"
"Dyke 5: Lets actually get a drink"
"Dyke 6: Yeah, I'm parched, lets 'roll'"
by davidjackjohanson August 15, 2009

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