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When you're dedicated to crazy cray levels!
Fran came in to the office to finish some work DURING her holiday! That's dedicraytion for you!
by davidch999 April 02, 2013
When you absolutely have to move your body because the disco is too good!
"Oh brother! Can't stoppa JIGGLE.IN! This disco is too good!"
by davidch999 June 12, 2013
The excitement you feel after running 8 miles and sink your teeth into a so-called "well deserved" shawarma.
Looking forward to a well-deserved takeaway after my 8 mile run.

“You're in Borehamwood, bro!”
by Davidch999 June 06, 2013
Questions asked by former management consultants that sound easy but are actually unfathomable.
What is Tumblr anyway? And why is Yahoo still in business?

"Dude. No-one can answer that. It's a Pidgeon question."
by Davidch999 May 20, 2013
The day that coincides with Christmas Day that no-one, not atheists nor agnostics nor members of other faiths can resist celebrating.
What are you doing on Christmas Day, bro?
I don't celebrate Christmas, dude.
So what're you doing on 25 December, bro?
I'm having a huge Christlessmas lunch, dude. Everyone's invited. Party on!
by Davidch999 December 26, 2013
When you spill food over someone and eat it off their body. The regretable body presentation of food.
Combination of "nyotaisori", the traditional Japanese presentation of sushi on a naked body, and "sorry", what you say when you spill your food over someone.
Aargh! My lovely new bikini! You clumsy oaf!
"Om nom nom... Nyotaisorry"
by davidch999 June 06, 2013
Tsunami of spam when we're overrun by a flood of scam mail.
Set filters to junk. We're in for a spamnami.
by Davidch999 November 15, 2013

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