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A depressing place, not enough words to describe of how much of a cesspool and shit-hole is. Iv never lived in Tacoma, Washington or other depressing places like Vancouver, Washington.

Im sure there are more depressing places out there, but Vancouver from personal experience takes the cake. No jobs, an abundance of illiterate pieces of white trash, food stamp abusers, ignorant people who seem they have spent their whole life living in a cave. A bunch of wanksters and wiggers, spoonfed bitches who post pics on facebook, myspace, and other bullshit social networks drinking a can of beer proclaiming they are hood and hard.

King of meth addicts and copious amounts of drug abusers, bad weather, a surplus of rain almost 90 percent of the year or more, no entertainment. Downtown Vancouver is dead like a grave, just a bus stop and some drug junkies, pan handlers and some stupid cafes with the greyhound bus station.
Where can I find a place that has no hope or promise and I am 100 percent depressed? That is easy that is

Vancouver, Washington
by David Faustino March 28, 2012
Russell Carrington Wilson (born November 29, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL). Wilson was selected by the Seahawks with the 12th pick in the third round (75th overall) of the 2012 NFL Draft.2
Drew Brees is his idol to look up to growing up.

Wilson played college football for the University of Wisconsin during the 2011 season, in which he set the single season FBS record for passing efficiency (191.8) and led the team to a Big Ten title and the 2012 Rose Bowl.3 Wilson received the Big Ten Quarterback of the Year award and was named a consensus first-team All-Big Ten and third-team All-American by Yahoo! Sports.4

Wilson played football and baseball for North Carolina State University before transferring to Wisconsin. In 2008, he was named the ACC Rookie of the Year in football and became the first freshman quarterback to receive first team All-ACC honors. Wilson also played minor league baseball for the Tri-City Dust Devils in 2010 and the Asheville Tourists in 2011 as a second baseman.5

Wilson signed a four-year, $2.99 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks on May 7, 2012 and was named the team's starting quarterback on August 26, 2012.67 In his rookie season Wilson led the Seahawks to a 11-5 regular season record and the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and was voted the Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year.89
Did you see that touchdown pass from Russel Wilson to Golden Tate in St. Louis?
Yeah, Russell Wilson is the man!
by David Faustino December 08, 2013
A waste of space. One of the most horrible places to live. A place where there are several sex offenders and drug addicts, but living in Vancouver is obviously a punishment in and of itself. Nosy Neighbors, a bunch of worthless pieces of white trash, crackers, meth addicts, alcoholics. This place can drive a normal person nuts and into suicide into a blink of an eye. Tacoma, Washington joins this list. Just rain, growing apples, and fishing are forms of entertainment.

Shit schools Hough elementary, white trash areas to point out, Fruit Valley, Orchards, Camas, Hazel Dell. You could piss and shit on Vancouver and you would not notice it. One of the highest unemployment rates across the country, no job potential. An economy that will never recover in Vancouver, its like a slowing tooth decay.
Where can I find a place to be bored that would put me in a state of being suicidal?

Example Oh thats easy go to Vancouver Washington.
by David Faustino April 01, 2012
Amerie is a professional R and B singer. The daughter of a Korean mother and an African-American father who was a career military member. She grew up on bases from Alaska to Germany, meanwhile gaining an appreciation of the classical arts from her mother and of R&B music from her father. She is an underrated singer does not get the mainstream exposure like Beyonce Knowles, Lady Gaga, Shakira, etc. She studied dance from an early age and performed in talent contests throughout her youth. After her high school graduation, her family finally settled down in Virginia, while she began to attend Georgetown University, from which she later graduated with a degree in English and Fine Arts.
Did you hear that song Paradise by LL Cool J?
Yeah, Amerie is singing the chorus!
by david faustino April 11, 2012
A dessert that consists of melted chocolate bars, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, salt, baking soda, baking powder, and butter or margarine.
Mary that dessert looks delicious!
Yeah, Im eating a brownie!
Can I have some?
Sure Katie!
by david faustino April 07, 2012
A geometric figure.

In mathematics, an annulus (the Latin word for "little ring", with plural annuli) is a ring-shaped geometric figure, or more generally, a term used to name a ring-shaped object. It is also used to describe the area between two concentric circles. The adjectival form is annular (for example, an annular eclipse).

The area of an annulus is the difference in the areas of the larger circle of radius R and the smaller one of radius r:

A = \pi R^2 - \pi r^2 = \pi(R^2 - r^2)\,.
Whats an Annulus?
An annulus consists of multiple circles that represents a ring.
by David Faustino November 24, 2012
Allrecipes.com is a global social networking service and forum, which encourages users to post recipes, comment on and make changes to existing recipes and search for specific recipes. In addition, it allows users to create recipe blogs, vote on pictures of finished dishes, and receive awards based on their submissions and results. Users become part of the community by reviewing and commenting on other people's food-related blogs, pictures and recipes. As of 2010, Allrecipes.com was the most-visited online community for food and cooking, with over 16 million visitors per month and more than 40,000 available recipes.23

All users may search and read the site's content, but only logged-in, registered members may post recipes, write blogs, add pictures, or write reviews. Registration is free.
Where can I find an abundance of recipes?
Oh, thats simple Bob go to Allrecipes.com, they have a great variety.
by david faustino December 13, 2012

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