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36 definitions by david richardson

some garbage newspaper that paperboys
have to deliver
bloody daily mail garbage
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
115 28
1.The worst political party in the UK.Sorry, make that the world

2.Nasty People who act like the political party
1.Them Tories better not win the election this year

2.See Cooper or Condie
by David Richardson March 24, 2005
111 74
the most pointless party in the uk
people like cooper or paterson
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
69 61
this extra-thick newspaper that i have to stuff through extra-thin letterboxes
the sun rules

i'll say no more
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
15 10
the smart guy that deliver papers like daily mail sun daily record courier daily express scotland on sunday to tories like cooper and paterson.
paperboys are very smart
by David Richardson March 29, 2005
13 8
A person with similar qualities to a hedgehog
no definition for you
by David Richardson February 26, 2005
14 9
bus drivers way of pronouncing school.
You have to get on the bus. You have to go to skooooooooooooooool
by David Richardson March 02, 2005
8 4