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A sexual act generally performed by three homosexual men. The first man is the unwitting party or "victim", the second is the man he believes will be having regular doggy style anal with him, or the "scorpion". The third man (or "scorpion tail"), known to the scorpion but unknown to the victim, grips the ass of the scorpion, upside down and facing the scorpion's back, as soon as the second man starts to fuck the first man.

Then, at a time predetermined through some sort of signal (from a code word to something as subtle as a gentle undulation of the asscheeks, perceptible only to the third man whose hands eagerly await the message), the scorpion pulls out and drops (perhaps after ejaculation, in some cases having already pulled out to ejaculate on the victim's back before dropping), and the scorpion tail's erect cock delves hungrily into the victim's ass.

In handkerchief code, or "flagging", of the gay community, this is a black and white bandana covered in scorpions that says "I LOVE SCORPION" on it, left side for the scorpion, right side for a knowing and willing victim (rare, but they do exist) and hanging out the back like a tail for scorpion tails.
"Aaron thought that Tyson just wanted to buttfuck him, but he had no idea I was the tail in that scorpion."
by davethebrave371 October 09, 2009

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