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In some areas of the US Northeast, a Money Access Center is the former name of the now popular Automated Teller Machine. Tapping MAC is the verb for getting frogskin. Not to be confused with bacterial meningitis from a dirty whore named Makenzie.
Person 1: I forgot to tap mac, can I pay you later?

Person 2: I ain't a goddam credit card, bitch, go hit up wawa.
by daves related to a goat October 09, 2006
A disorder in which neurons fire too much(dopamine imbalance), creating a chronic feeling of overwhelm. Withdrawal from reality is typical, and illogical reasoning further ostracizes individuals. Symptoms of which can be falsely produced with LSD, a feature implemented by the CIA to attempt to discredit foreign leaders of Socialist governments.
Person 1: Did you hear Castro has schizophrenia ?

Person 2: No, man, the CIA dosed him with acid.
by daves related to a goat March 31, 2008
Also a bomb little convenience store in the northeast, wawa is the sound that a Goose makes, hence it's symbol (a goose in flight) before that shit went corporate. It is also the native american word for a Canadian Goose, but that's just a coincidence, since wawa is cool and wouldn't have any of their shit to with Canada.

Wawa has also become the popular choice of white college students, who would rather buy fresh hoagies late night from n-word (plural) than stale hot dogs from a-rabs at sev.
Goose #1: wawa

Goose #2: wawa

Guy with a gun: POW
by daves related to a goat October 09, 2006

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