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The 6/9 poker hand, either suited or unsuited.

Attributed to a Narod in Maryland.
"I've got the double suited Narod Omaha hand"
by davep August 11, 2005
Someone who enjoys tormenting others with maths tests, puzzles or trivia.

Often found in maths classes across the spectrum of education -behind and in front of the teacher's desk. The Sado-mathocist can be identified by their half chewed down pencil from an over-indulgent sudoku addiction, graphical calculator with worn down equals button and a generally quiet demeanour, their mind too busy with the possibilities of oncoming numerical torture.
I was about to make it through my morning physics class, until my hangover was interrupted by a sado-mathocist ambushing me with a mechanics question.
by DaveP February 02, 2012
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