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A tool, is a person that lives life in a way that only a new social status can properly portray. A tool is someone who has a fairly small knowledge of automobiles, but drives a early 80's to late 90's muscle car. Typically a tool will drive a camaro, or mustang. Although a tool has no real automotive knowledge they know ceartain terms such as "headers" or "manifold" and will uniquely craft sentences around these terms to create the appearence of a deep knowledge of engine performance.

Along with this a tool has one main goal in life, and that is to get laid. A tool could be considered in the same class as a bro, as far as this catagory is considered. When at a party a tool must in fact, be unwanted by everyone else at the party, even those who would call him a friend. A Tool will almost never wear long sleeves, and if he does, they are to be rolled up, so that his fore-arm muscles are well exposed. A tool's arms are a very important part of his identity, if A tool were to have no arms, he would cease to be a tool, and would most likely cease to exist altogether. Because of this driving passion to have massive arms, a tool will most likely spend a good amount of time in the gym, Once a solid gym status is accomplished, A tool will not only come to the gym to work out, but also just to "chill" or check out the women on the treadmills.

Another aspect of a tool, is there incredible ability to attract marry-able women. Marry-able would be a characteristic of a girl who is Quite beautiful, intelligient at first glance, and almost-christian(An actually intelligent, Christian girl would never date a tool, because that would instantly deny them access to both the aforementioned adjectives). Although no one has been able to fully understand this phenomena it is a very important role for a tool to fulfill. When someone says, "in college, she will either date.. so and so, Or she will date a complete Tool." This is all right and good, It is important for girls to fulfill this cliche. This is one of the biggest reasons that 90% of the Male population hates Tools. Women rarely see Tools as in fact Tools, but common descriptive phrases are, but not limited to: "He's really nice when he wants to be", "He's actually really cool when you get to know him", "He gets along great with my mom."
"Wow, that guy is a complete Tool."

"Did you see that Tool on the motorcycle?"

"Wow, look at that Tool, and his mustang."

by davelive April 29, 2009

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