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One of the most overrated sex acts ever, where a partner giving oral sex takes the penis deep into his/her throat. Many men claim that this feels better "because of the narrowness of the throat opening", "because of the massaging action of the throat gagging", etc. In all honesty, the best way to give oral sex is to use the lips and tongue on the head, and any guy who denies this watches too much porn. A particularly baffling practice in porn is where the guy forces his dick back into the back of his partner's throat and holds it there, then begins to moan as if holding his dick motionless there somehow is pleasurable. Deepthroating is popular in porn for the same reason facial cumshots are: for the psychological arousal of dominance/degradation. Not that there's anything wrong with dominance play between partners that care about each other, but we shouldn't kid ourselves by pretending there's some physical motivation behind this act. Cum can be washed off a partner's face, but making a partner vomit, bruising their throat, is that really worth it just for what really is a fetish? Its particularly disturbing that some girls, believing the myth that it provides physical pleasure, would practice suppressing their gag reflex (the body's healthy reflex designed to prevent chocking) or would even use throat pain killers suppressing their body's natural way of saying "don't do that"
Joe: Hey man I just deepthroat for the first time last night

Mike: how was it??

Joe: Ehn, I don't see what all the hype was about. She almost puked on my dick too
by dave32423 August 12, 2008

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