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A word that, despite being among the most common in the language, not everyone is sure of the meaning of.
It depends on what your definition of the word is is.
by dave090906 September 12, 2006
In hi/lo split poker games such as Omaha Hi/Lo or Stud Hi/Lo, a hand consisting of the ace, two, three, four, and five of the same suit. It is simultaneously the best possible low hand (5-4-3-2-A) and a very strong high hand (straight flush), and will therefore almost always win at least 3/4 of the pot. Wheel refers to any 5 high straight, the flush is what makes it a "steel" wheel.
Last time I got quads playing Omaha on Pokerstars, someone had a steel wheel and he ended up scooping the pot.
by dave090906 September 12, 2006
A donkament is a poker game where everyone starts with the same number of chips, and then plays poker until someone has accumulated all the chips. Donkaments are known for having a large number of unskilled players as compared to cash games. For example, while many cash game players may fold QQ preflop, this hand should never be folded preflop in a donkament because people will go all in with a lot more hands than just AA and KK.
I got allin preflop with AA, and this guy called me with 7-2 offsuit. Lol donkaments.
by dave090906 September 10, 2006
In Texas Holdem, a hand consisting of two Kings. They are called ace magnets because more often than not there will be an Ace on the flop, meaning anyone with an ace in their hand now has a pair of aces which beats your pair of kings.
I lose so much money with ace magnets I should start folding them preflop.
by dave090906 September 10, 2006
Going allin when you have 1500 chips and the blinds are still at 10/20
It's the first hand of a $1 tournament, and one of the players has a great hand, like ace-ten offsuit, so he immediately donkey bets all his chips all in.
by dave090906 September 10, 2006
Senator fighting to make sure no family is hurt by any form of gambling other than horse racing, lotteries, and fantasy sports.
If it weren't for Bill Frist, I would have clicked my mouse and lost my house.
by dave090906 October 10, 2006
A promotion on Party Poker that takes extra rake from cash games and puts it into the prize pool of a huge donkament to be held over Memorial Day Weekend of 2007. Whinging among cash game players is commonplace because of the money it is costing them. Donkeys like the Monster because donkeys like jackpots. Tournament players like the Monster because they are the recipients of all the free money from the cash game players. Despite threats to move to Pokerstars, traffic on Party Poker is as strong as ever.
50 cents of monster rake out of a 5 dollar pot in 100NL? That's insane. Why does anyone play these tables?
by dave090906 September 10, 2006
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