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when you get a girl real wet, then she stands above your head with her legs spread, and lets her cunt drip into your mouth.
i almost drowned from that dripping fossit last night
by dave offner(dream team) January 25, 2005
someone who has sex with animals
that beastil fucked my dog wolfy last week!
by dave offner(dream team) January 26, 2005
this is when you blow your nose into the pussy of a girl
i was eatin this girl out, well i had a runny nose, and no kleenex or nothin, so i used the ol'rotton kleenex.
by dave offner(Dream team) January 25, 2005
this is when a girl throws her legs over her head, then a guy tea bags her ass hole, and has his ass hanging over her chest, then takes a shit the seize of the shire on her chest.
she almost suffocated in my shit from that bilbo baggins i gave her
by dave offner(dream team) January 27, 2005
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