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Enterance of a thumb into the rectal area of another individual. Also refered to as a "Henry Stinkler".
Mallory was shocked and upset when Nick incorporated the idea of a dirty Fonzzi into their moment of affection.
by dave o March 11, 2004
Sexual expression involving the enterance of two thumbs from two individuals entering the rectal area of another individual in seqence.
Upon leaving the theatre Dan screamed aloud as Ryan and I gave him a two thumbs up, Siskel and Ebert salute. The movie sucked but Dan got a great review
by dave O March 12, 2004
Balls on Chin
We use BOC to describe a particularly whorish girl, or a desperately idiotic guy. You can figure out for yourself what the "balls" are and how they could end up on someone's chin. ; )
by Dave O July 21, 2003
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