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a term which refers to punky emo bands in the 90s. however dip shit teenagers will call metal, or any other music(even crunk-rap) with guttural vocals "screamo". basically like people calling earlobe stretching "gauging",people repeate phrases like these because its what they heard, from more dipshit teenagers.
metalhead 1:cannibal corpse fucking rules!
scene fag:oh meh gawd u liek screemo too?!
metalhead 1: this isnt screamo. these guys have actual knowledge of musical theory.do you even know how to play a minor scale fag? metal pwns the shit out of punk.
scene fag:liek its not punk!!!
(metalhead 1 kills scene fag)
by dave mustardstaine May 15, 2011
1) Another name for James Hetfield of Metallica, after he furiously yelled about it on Lou Reed and Metallica's "The View", from the album Lulu

2) An object on which you put things, and is usually eaten off, when sat at with chairs.
James Hetfield:
I am the root

I am the progress

I'm the aggressor

I am the tablet

These ten stories
by Dave Mustardstaine December 30, 2012

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