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Pussy, cunt, vagina etc...
You can see my cock if i can see your fangita.
by dave jones February 17, 2005
general derisory term for someone when you've already used cunt, tosspot etc.
wind your neck in twatneck
by Dave Jones November 13, 2003
A wild ape like beast which lives in the dense forests of yorkshire. This predator hunts those of the opposite sex, preferably with a pert bottom and well arranged chest. Uses amazing charm and comedic phrases to mesmorise his prey before taking the back to his cave.
And then the great beeco ran from the trees in a bid for freedom
by Dave Jones January 11, 2004
when you go online and make up a word
"ubber" is blaft and so are all the other words you make up
by dave jones February 22, 2005
Scientific (or Silly) Wild Ass Guess.

n. A term used by technical teams when establishing high level sizings for large projects.
I'm not really sure what you are looking for, but I will take a SWAG at it.
by Dave Jones January 19, 2005
gmd is a code name used for a big fat smelly ginger greasy hairy guy
-look at gmd
-he is so fat
by dave jones March 24, 2005

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