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1. "that guy who thinks he invented the word d-bag is a d-bag."

2. "yo man, they've been selling the same d-bags on mt. vernon as long as i can remember."

3. "when i say d-bag, i clarify by repeating dirt bag under my breath so my friends know i follow a strict moral order."
by dave goat west phila October 10, 2006
The word knickers are the only thing that English women have going for them.
"He took off my knickers and he ate them. I know, I couldn't believe it, they weren't the edible ones or anything, he just chewed and swallowed. It really freaked me out, so I walked home. To top it off, I was wearing a skirt and it was bloody freezing outside."
by dave goat west phila October 10, 2006

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