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a ligfragg is (little green man that works for the fraggle's)

when someone is such a muppet just calling them a fraggle wont cut the mustard so you call them a ligfragg someone even below the fraggles.
dude your not even a fraggle your a ligfragg you need to sort your self out.

man did you see tuck being sick in the pub lastnight? wot a ligfragg
by dave daved February 04, 2010
someone who shop lifts 10x his body weight in meat, booze an sweets
bob: ok lets see what everyone got i only got these burgers

paul: i got some rolls an sweets

gary: haha is that all ive got sweets, vodka, gamon, bacon, burgers, sausages and some ketchup

bob: bloody hell gary your a proper ant man we can have a phat cook up now..

tom: do ya know were i can get some cheap meat?

bob: you need to see gary he's a bloody ant man when it comes to cheap goods
by dave daved February 04, 2010

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