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Oh Dick!
as in, OH DICK! (pretaining to your mom riding this king ding!)
by Dav0r October 10, 2003
hermaphridite, a spic with a cooter, pooter and a dong, what a gook! maybe a taint as well. if given a hot carl to this person may have multiable seizures, and organisms at the same time!
Dave is a chocherocket
Suck on deeeee!
i can fuck myself with my cooter wang dong comb!
Two in the pink,one on the ccccccock!
by dav0r October 15, 2003
an insult when your bitch gets out of line
Your bitch - "I am a faggot"
You - Grrrr nutz!
by Dav0r October 10, 2003
whats up white boy
"benjamin EE EE!"
by Dav0r October 10, 2003
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