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Insanely underrated & basically unknown first hip-hop project attempt of now Black Eyed Peas members Will I Am (known as Will1X at the time) & Apl De App. They were signed to Ruthless Records by Eazy E, unfortunately Gangster Rap was the popular form of music at the time (1993) & co-inciding with the death of Eazy E due to AIDS Atban Klanns debut album was shelved because it was considered unsellable & therefore not profitable, they consequently got dropped soon after. Rare few copies exist of it & thankfully it has found its way to YouTube
The album was a fusion of mellow jazz with rap where the lyrics were positive and upbeat akin to that of De La Soul & samples of former rap songs added as tributes. When shown to friends who despise BEPs electronic phase expect results of jaws dropping to the floor at how Will & Apl have now turned out.
Atban Klann= A Tribe Beyond A Nation, only 16 songs were ever created under their name, regardless the album is definitely one to check out & differs quite significantly from BEPs first two underground hip-hop albums ''behind the front/bridging the gap''
by Datguy1datguy2 July 11, 2011
Stuff that will fuck you up completely. Rumored to be invented by Hitler
Damn those Jager bombs, they waged Blitzkrieg on my body & before i knew it i couldn't stand up, the battle was lost
by datguy1datguy2 July 14, 2011
Slang for turning useless or old objects into money via pawning or other such methods

*as stated here a primitive form of chemistry this is the true definition of alchemy
eg: Jim sold me a bag of oregano claiming it was cannabis, Alchemy of the highest order i paid 50 quid for a bag of legal herbs.

eg 2) Found some old necklace in my attic, apparently its vintage i flogged it for 500 quid. My alchemy skills mean i'm getting pissed tonight
by datguy1datguy2 July 14, 2011
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