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an individual with the powers to make great decisions with the basketball in his hand. This person is usually a point guard, and they make what appear to be obscene hand gestures while dribbling which secretly command his other players to do what he wants. The floor general tends to make the rest of the team his bitches
Wagz says - "Look at the way Connor is taking in that ball."
Cam says - "He must think he's the floor general or something "
by datBIGdawg317 May 02, 2010
- one who possesses and masters the characteristics of steez and all of its components

- a skier who holds their poles straight out beside them with no regard for other skiers or boarders around them
Oh snap. . . here comes the steez master. I better get out of his way.

Look at the way that skier holds his poles. He's clearly the steez master.
by datBIGdawg317 January 01, 2010

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