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The Civic is a car that was designed to be an entry level coupe/hatchback/sedan from Honda.... thats about it. It is very economical and an ease to drive. With gas arriving at record rates, I am sure glad to own one. Many definitions on this site state that a Civic is piece of shit..well compared to some other cars...its not so bad. Now on to the performance part. Civics arent designed to be raced or beat the cars that deserve to be fast. A Civic is simply a "me too" car. I drive a Civic .. but it is allmsot like no other... it will never see a performance part... ever. Honda designed this car as a beater around town and to take on the highway to acheive over 40 mpg... and thats really great!!!... when people started racing them ... those are the fucking idoits that cant afford the really nice cars... Mustangs.. Supras.. 300 ZX's ..etc..etc. This is a car that the parents buy for there teenagers that is cheap and reliable if taken care of ... so the Defintion of a Honda Civic?.... a beater to get you from point A to point B and not in a badass manner that many attempt it to be... thats all.....
You have a Civic?... omg ... me too !!!
by dasraceman May 16, 2005

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