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Oh d, a common popular phrase utilized by several individual communities, especially common within African-American sectors. The roots of this booty phrase are thought to come from "oh damn" or more accurately "oh deeeeam." This phrase is highly reccomended.
"Oh d, Lakrontronis's ghetto booty is RUUULLLL NICE!!!!"
by dasbooty February 01, 2005
This is a booty phrase commmonly used by many darker counterparts. Used by lighter counterparts it is generally used in jest.
Oh thats ruulllllll nice!
by dasbooty November 21, 2004
Bill Demott an individual who previously wrestled under the name "Hugh Morris" hence his name becomes an adjective. His name is commonly used in French African-American circles.
Haut cinq bitch!
HAHAHAHA Yo dats tres Bill Demott.
by dasbooty February 01, 2005
The Big Three were Britain, the United States, and France in WWI. Italy also tagged along but was not considered by many to be one of the Big Three. Many parralells exist between this and it's metaphoric equivalent of certain "large" social groups within a certain school community.
Oh d, look at the Big Three. They're enormous and growing by the day. Look at "Italy" tagging along.
by dasbooty February 02, 2005

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