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a word to describe complete happiness.

the most amazing thing you will ever put in your mouth.
sometimes takes place of sex or boyfriends.
unthinkable, delicious, sensual, yummerific
i dumped him for food
by dasauceboss June 14, 2011
The 'Strobel Move' or 'Strobeling' (verb, adj) is an act of complete craziness, drunken antics, stupidity, and/or foolishness that often leaves people's minds blown. To perform this move means that you are a dumbass and are probably a douche. In the end 'Strobeling' only hurts you and can get you arrested with consequences you can't fathom. During the day this person can be a quiet and 'shy' person, but by night...the hellraiser comes out with their 'Strobel move'
Ex: "Hey man did you hear what happened?"
- Yeah that guy stole a cat and started fighting with his roommate, he pulled a Strobel move!"

"Who the fuck pissed in my room?"
- Must've been that guy...he's been Strobeling hardcore'
by DaSauceBoss November 24, 2013

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