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Replaces warmongering. Used to describe G.W. Bush's willingness to go to war.
The bushmongering has to stop before we're bombing every country on the planet.
by darwin November 01, 2004
This is taken from the advert for Dolmio pasta sauce, featuring a happy Italian family who all end up with mucky red faces after eating spaghetti bolognese with too much gusto. The slang term describes the state of a man's face after performing oral sex on a woman during her "time of the month".
So he's gone to the bathroom for a slash, and discovers to his horror that he's wearing the Dolmio grin...
by Darwin March 31, 2005
to furiously masturbate.
That guy is so lonely. I heard he spend the weekend fistfighting with himself.
by darwin February 28, 2005
to be pwned by a virus sent to you by myg0t samster replying to your uber leet hacks thread.
Download Sporka, extract anywhere but the steam folder, Narff narff, WTF is happening to my computer GAWD, I AM REALLY T-OED
by Darwin February 04, 2005
Organization fervently attempting to destroy the music industry while claiming to be protecting artists rights in an anti piracy campaign that targets low income victims who cannot afford legal representation. Simultaneously performing an act of self destruction by alienating itself from mainstream culture, its present and future customers, and even the artists themselves, obviously disregarding the longterm effects of such a campaign.
Like it might have more food for itself...
by Darwin September 01, 2003
to furiously masturbate
That is so lonely, I heard he spent all weekend fist fighting with himself.
by darwin February 28, 2005
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