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An atheist who is so committed to his own doctrine of the non existence of God that he believes he holds to no doctrine at all and has thus been consumed by his actual philosophical dogma, cause, identity, and world view.

An atheist who holds his position by falsely claiming he has no position.

An atheist who splits not only semantically thin hair but thin air.
Evangelical atheists love to redefine the traditional established definition of atheism.

If evangelical atheists believed in nothing then they would have nothing to say in the first place.
by darthfocus February 17, 2012
1. One who assumes they are a photographer by virtue of the amount of time they spend correcting images in photoshop.

2 One who is afraid to shoot jpeg over raw.

3. Anyone who uses program or auto mode when taking a digital photo with the intention of fixing it later in photoshop.

4. One who asks you what camera model you use.

5. Someone who couldn't confidently shoot a job with film.
My wedding photos came out terrible because I hired a photoshopographer.

There goes another new photoshopographer website.
by darthfocus February 17, 2012

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